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not sure what to say about this
pretty much the one thing i liked was having to avoid the "load file" thingies, that was actually a decent idea (although not executed well)
that's all i can really say for the whole thing: not executed well
some simple ways of improving it would be to mark where the end of each level is, add some music, maybe add some cool background effects

i think, although this game is objectively not that great, it definitely has potential, and i think that you definitely have potential as a programmer :)

- jack

Imacouch1 responds:

Thankyou for the feedback! i'll try to add that in the full version :)

don't want to sound too harsh, but its kind of boring and lifeless
needs some music to liven it up really
as for the gameplay itself, it's a decent enough concept, you just have to work on the execution a bit better
like, for example, it would be better to have time remaining separate from player health

anyway, i think with some work you could make this pretty playable ;)
- jack

very limited and kind of hard to use
and the piano doesn't work

still, with a bit of work, you could make something pretty cool out of this
it's a more than good enough base
you could start by adding a couple more instrument samples or something like that

anyways, not bad for a first attempt
- jack

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not sure what to say about this one
the beginning is kinda mediocre but it does improve a lot
the drop is quite good
main problem is that it ends quite abruptly
i'd advise you for your next song to make something a little longer and with a bit more of a definite ending

anyway, not a bad start :)
footnote: what software do you use to make this? just asking

GDSomeGuy responds:

Yeah I do have to agree with you. I really should have put more time and effort into this one. I use bandlabs mobile since I don't have a PC and I also can't pay for FL on mobile but I try to work with what I have. Unfortunately there is an instrument limit on the app I use as well, but I think I still have enough material to make some good stuff so stay tuned and I will make sure not to disappoint next time 😄

not bad, but there are issues
it's a little repetitive and it ends kinda abruptly
also i'm a bit sceptical when it comes to blending lofi and chiptune, it seems kinda hard to execute properly
although to be fair, you haven't done a bad job at that

i look forward to hearing what world two has to offer :)
- jack

8BitAndChill responds:

I appreciate the feedback, I'll definitely keep it in mind on my next song. It is difficult to blend lofi and chiptune, but it's fun to try and experiment with the two genres.

i don't understand
i only just realised how ahead of its time this song is
doesn't even sound like it was made 16 years ago


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